User Guide
WOOFi Swap provides a simple UI for users to tap into Wootrade's deep liquidity across various blockchains. Just head to and start swapping!
Step 1: Set up your wallet
When you enter the WOOFi Swap app and click "Connect Wallet," you will see a list of wallet options to choose from. Metamask is the most commonly used browser extension wallet that supports all blockchain networks. To help out new users to our platform, please check the tutorials to learn how to set up a MetaMask wallet extension on your desktop.
Step 2: Select the network and connect your wallet
First, select the blockchain network you want to connect to and click "Connect Wallet". Once set up, you can see your wallet address.
Connect your wallet to WOOFi Swap and select the network you want to conduct the swap (make sure you have the token needed on the network to pay for the gas fee, the balance is displayed next to your wallet address)
Step 3: Select the assets for the swap
Select the token you wish to swap from and enter the amount or click "Max," then select the token you wish to swap to.
You can also click the setting icon on the right to set the slippage rate and trading pending time. “Slippage tolerance” means your transaction will revert if the price changes unfavorably by more than this percentage, while "Transaction deadline" means your transaction will revert if it is pending for more than this long.
Step 4: Compare the price
Once you enter the assets and amount for your swap, you can see the comparison of the estimated swap results on WOOFi Swap with other AMMs on the corresponding chain. You can see the amount of assets you will receive for the swap, trading fee and exchange rate of the two assets. "Best" means the platform provides best execution for your swap at the moment and the price quote will refresh automatically every 20 seconds.
Step 5: Confirm swap details
When you are ready to proceed with the execution provided by WOOFi Swap, you can click "Swap". Like other DEXes, users must approve the WOOFi Swap smart contracts to spend their token if this is the first time using the application.
Make sure to double-check your swap details, including rate, route, minimum received, trading fee and slippage tolerance. Click “Approve” to confirm and wait for the wallet to prompt you to sign off the transaction.
Please note currently WOOFi Swap does not route your swap to other DEXes, with the exception of when Wootrade price quoting offline during maintenance.
Step 6: Check order history
Wait for the transaction to complete and see your new tokens automatically appear in your wallet. Note that if the token does not appear in your wallet, you may need to click its “Add Token” button for it to appear. User's swap will appear in the order history at the bottom, users can also click the "Mine" tab to view their swaps.
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