Perpetual futures

WOOFi Pro is a decentralized perpetual futures exchange based on a Limit Order Book (LOB) with deep liquidity and a CeFi-grade trading experience. Users can enjoy a frictionless onboarding process, deposit USDC collateral using various assets from any EVM chain, and closely replicate the experience of a CEX, all without requiring traders to entrust their assets to a centralized party.

WOOFi Pro is constructed on top of Orderly Network's highly performant, omnichain, permissionless decentralized exchange protocol and modular infrastructure. Orderly's shared infrastructure manages user collateral, available markets, liquidity provision, matching engine, risk engine, and trading fee structure for all applications built on top of it. This powerful infrastructure aligns seamlessly with WOO's extensive experience in building orderbook exchange trading interfaces. Combined with WOOFi's existing swap, earn, and stake features, it provides users with an all-in-one DeFi platform for all on-chain needs.

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