Step-by-step instructions on how to swap with WOOFi

To perform a swap in DeFi simply means to exchange one token for another.

To do this with WOOFi you'll need to a) connect your wallet, b) select the blockchain on which you want to swap in the top right, and c) ensure you have money to cover the gas fee. Once you've met these three criteria, you're ready to configure your swap.

Use the drop-down menus (red) to choose the two tokens you want to swap. You can use the arrow (purple) to quickly switch the direction of your swap. The UI will then display a chart on the right-hand side for you to see the recent price action of your swap pair.

Enter the number of tokens you want to swap using the input section (orange) or simply click the wallet icon (green) to swap all of the tokens you own. The number to the right of the wallet icon shows the current balance of the token in your wallet.

You can check key details about your swap including the number of assets you'll receive (pink), the trading fee (white), and the exchange rate of the two assets (brown). This information will refresh automatically every 20 seconds.

Click the swap button when you're ready, and after you've double-checked the swap details, confirm the swap. If it's your first time swapping a token with WOOFi you'll need to give WOOFi permission to swap your tokens by signing a token approval prompt in your wallet.

Once the swap has been executed, the tokens will automatically appear in your wallet. You can check any pending transactions as well as your entire swap history by clicking the bell icon in the top-right corner.

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