How to use WOOFi Boosters

You can see the amount of Boosters of each rarity on the staking page. If you don't own any or want to sell yours, click the Sudoswap or Opensea icons which will take you to the marketplace.

When boosting your XP APR, click the dock and select the Boosters you want to use. Boosters will be permanently burned once it's activated. Boosting effect is only activated from the 0 UTC the next day.

When it's activated you will see the aura around your XP APR dashboad.

Quests are the way to obtain Boosters, you can find upcoming quests and the amount and rarity of Boosters as the reward for the quest. Quests are first come and first served, which means the quest will be closed once all the Boosters are allocated. You will be able to claim the Booster when the quest ends.

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