How to earn yields from Supercharger vaults

An overview of how to earn single-sided yield with WOOFi

WOOFi is a great tool for earning passive yield without risk of impermanent loss.

Head to WOOFi Earn and connect your wallet. Here you'll find a dashboard with all the Supercharger vaults that WOOFi supports and other useful information like real-time APRs, your deposits, and the USD value of yields you've earned.

Toggle 'hide zero balances' to display only the vaults which your wallet has assets to deposit into. You can also click the 'all chains' button to access a drop-down menu that allows you to see which vaults WOOFi supports on specific chains.

To start earning yield, choose a vault and enter the number of tokens you want to deposit in the input field. Now click the deposit button and you will be prompted to approve a transaction in your wallet.

Congrats, you're now earning yield! To earn additional WOO rewards, proceed to stake the WOOFi Earn tokens you have just received in your wallet. You'll need to give WOOFi permission to access them first by clicking the approve button. You can claim these WOO rewards in the box located to the right of the UI.

You can keep track of the yield you've earned by clicking on the 'My vaults' tab.

To withdraw from any vault, you'll first need to unstake your WOOFi earn tokens (the ones you originally deposited to earn WOO rewards). Navigate to the withdraw tab, then click the 'max' button, and finally the 'unstake' button.

Now you'll need to request a withdrawal. Once you've done this, come back to the UI after 00:00 UTC on the following Monday and you'll be able to withdraw the tokens you originally deposited into your wallet.

To withdraw instantly, you can do so by toggling 'instant withdraw', specifying the amount, and clicking 'instant withdraw'. Note: this will incur a 1% fee.

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