How to trade perps on WOOFi Pro

WOOFi Pro is an omnichain gasless Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) perps protocol with up to 20x leverage, featuring omnichain deposits, CeFi-grade user experience (UX), advanced trading tools, and revenue sharing. WOOFi Pro utilizes Orderly Network's Infrastructure allowing for a seamless CEX-like experience while still maintaining self-custody of funds.

Depositing into WOOFi Pro can take place on any WOOFi-supported chain in a single transaction that crosschain swaps and loads up the collateral for you, with Arbitrum hosting the first bridgeless deposit vault for native USDC.

Getting started

1. Connect your wallet

Since WOOFi Pro is built on the EVM, you'll need an EVM-compatible wallet to start trading. Connect this wallet to WOOFi Pro. Doing so will require two signature requests. Signing is free, won't send a transaction, and is used to verify ownership/allow trading.

2. Deposit assets

On the left side of your screen, you will see a 'Wallet' widget. This is where you can deposit assets via any supported chain. You can also click "Deposit" directly on the orderly panel while trading.

The deposit/withdraw screen shows the available assets on the available chains that you can deposit. Non Arbitrum and Optimism chain deposits require bridging, which is all handled through WOOFi crosschain swaps. Note you will be required to approve USDC in order for you to be able to deposit.

3. Adjust your leverage

Heading to the 'Account' dashboard section will show you many details about your profile. This is also where you can manage your "Max Account Leverage".

Get a quick overview of your statistics including fee tier, trading volume, and fees paid. You can also find your API keys here.

4. Begin trading

Head to the 'Trading' tab where you can begin your trading experience. Choose your specific pair to trade, place market/limit orders, quickly prefill an order by clicking in the orderbook, monitor current positions, pending orders, and all the general features of a perp CLOB.

If you'd like to trade using an API, go to the next section.

5. Trading with API

WOOFi Pro APIs are provided as part of the Orderly Network omnichain trading infrastructure

1) Get account id, Orderly Key ( API Key ) and Orderly Secret ( API Secret )

2) Integrating the API

Detailed docs are available at

WOOFi Pro Mainnet:

WOOFi Pro Testnet:

Testnet USDC coin faucet

  • Click the "Get test usdc" button and wait few minutes, your WOOFi account will get the test USDC

  • if you cannot find this button, you can click the address button on the top-right corner of this page, and you will see another "get test USDC" button

6. Understanding Orderly

Learn more about Orderly Network and the tiers of trading fees. Please note that the trading volume required for each fee tier is cumulative, and can be achieved with or without an API.

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