Trading Fees

Trading Fees

Overview of trading fees


Trading fees are the costs you pay to buy, sell, or trade assets on an exchange. These fees are charged as a percentage of the transaction value.

There are two main types of trading fees:

Maker fees: These fees are charged to traders who place orders that add liquidity to the market (not instantly filled orders that are added to the book), such as limit orders.

Taker fees: These fees are charged to traders who remove liquidity from the market, such as market orders.

​How fees are charged

​Perpetual Futures Fees

Perpetual Futures trading fees are charged after every trade in USDC and added to the cost position.

Current fee tiers

Climbing fee tiers

WOOFi staked WOO + MPs boost your trading tier, granting access to reduced fees on WOOFi Pro. You can climb up tiers by either staking more WOO, accumulating and staking more MPs, or by simply hitting the 30 day volume requirement of that tier.

See the WOO staking page below to learn more about staking WOO.

WOO staking

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