Supercharger vaults

How do I deposit into a Supercharger vault?

Supercharger vaults can be found under the "Earn" tab. These vaults are single-asset, meaning you only need the asset you are choosing to deposit in order to supply liquidity.

For now, depositing into our Supercharger vaults is a 2-step process.

Step 1: Enter the number of tokens you wish to supply and press the "Deposit" button (if this is your first time you may have to do 2 transactions, 1 to "Approve" and 2 the actual deposit.

Step 2: Once your tokens have been deposited, you will be required to stake those tokens in order to start receiving any yield. Here you enter the number of tokens you wish (usually by clicking "Max" as that is all of the recently deposited tokens) and then press the "Stake" button.

Once again this step may require 2 transactions if it is your first time interacting with the contract, if so you just need to press the "Approve" and then you will be able to stake.

How can I withdraw funds from Supercharger vaults?

There are two ways to withdraw your funds from Supercharger vaults.

  • Instant withdrawal: you can instantly withdraw tokens (up to the limit) with a fee of 0.3%

  • Request withdrawal (recommended): this is a two-step process and subject to a 7-day settlement cycle. You can request a withdrawal at any time. Upon the completion of settlement (every Monday), you need to perform another transaction to withdraw the tokens to your wallet. Find tokens available for withdrawals at the bottom of the "Withdraw" tab.

After you have requested a withdrawal, you will see a small icon next to the name of the token.

Yellow: Your withdrawal is pending settlement which happens every Monday

Green: Your funds are ready to be withdrawn (Please note you need to go to the withdraw tab of the vault and click the "Withdraw" button at the bottom)

What is BTC.b? How do I get it, and how do I earn yields in the Supercharger vault?

BTC.b is the wrapped BTC token operated by Avalanche on the Avalanche C-chain. You can convert BTC on the Bitcoin chain to BTC.b using the core wallet extension provided by Avalanche.

WOOFi has launched a BTC.b supercharger vault on Avalanche, where users can deposit single-sided BTC and earn passive yields paid in BTC itself and WOO.

How to convert BTC to BTC.b? -

More information on BTC.b -

Why does my yield show a lower amount after claiming?

Our UI reflects the amount of yield accrued to the staked position within the contract. Bonus rewards (such as WOO and ARB) are claimed directly to your wallet.

Why am I being quoted too much on gas prices?

If you’re sure that the gas fees displayed are not just because of congestion on the chain, then it is likely that this is because of an RPC issue in your wallet provider. These also happen on certain wallets when switching chains.

To fix this problem, head to and follow the steps there to change the RPC on the chain that you are trying to use.

Once done, refresh our site and try again

If the above doesn't work, it might be because you simply don't have enough gas for the crosschain transaction, try having at least $8 (mainnet might require much more) and then see if the gas prices show more reasonably.

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