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What is WOO Network?

WOO Network is the only company solving liquidity challenges throughout CeFi and DeFi, with both a leading centralized exchange and a cross-chain dex. WOO Network has both the experience and reputation to manage leading institutional clients, combined with the integrity and innovation to support everyday traders and users.
WOO Network has two flagship products:
  • WOO X is a centralized exchange providing best-in-class liquidity and price execution, with a powerful frontend featuring fully customizable modules for workspace customization.
  • WOOFi is a multi-chain dApp featuring swaps, earn products, and and on-chain orderbook. It leverages low fees and professional market makers to empower traders and investors with the best prices and yields.
Both of these products have powerful innovations to help users keep more of what they earn. To learn more, please visit the following sites for updated information on WOO Network:
Also, feel free to jump into our social media to get engaged with our global community:
Now, let’s get started!
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