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Meet WOOFi
WOOFi is a unique decentralized exchange that bridges the deep liquidity of centralized exchanges on chain. This enables DeFi traders to swap with size and maximize their profits through the lowest swap fee and minimal slippage.
In addition to this, WOOFi has four other core components:

⚔️⛓️ Cross-chain swaps

  • Move any asset quickly and seamlessly across 10 supported chains with minimum slippage

💰🤝 Revenue sharing

  • Stake WOO tokens and earn 80% of all swap fees in WOO or USDC

⚡️💲 Supercharged yields

  • Lend assets to WOOFi's liquidity manager and earn leading single-sided yield, free of impermanent loss

📘📈 Perps trading

  • Trade perpetual futures with an order book, enjoy the CeFi trading experience while keeping self-custody

Key milestones 🥇

  • $11B+ total trading volume (Top 10 daily volume on DeFiLlama)
  • 650K unique monthly active wallets (Top 5 on DappRadar)
  • 3.8M+ cross-chain swaps executed
  • $2M protocol fees distributed to WOO stakers
  • Chains supported include Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM, zkSync Era, Linea, Base, Avalanche C-chain, BNB Chain and Fantom
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