API broker onboarding

  1. sign on WOOFi Pro and create an account following this user guide

  2. provide your account ID

Go to "account" tab, and copy the account id in the "API trading" panel. Provide us with your account ID and this account will automatically receive referral fee on a daily basis.

  1. provide an referral code

The referral code must follow the format to be 4 to 10 characters long, only in upper case roman characters and numbers. e.g. "IMABROKER" Provide us with the referral code so we can set it up to identify the orders placed through your platform.

  1. tag your orders

When placing an order / algo order, you need to input the predefined referral code string into the order_tag field in order for the system to capture the order for referral fee calculation.

Here are the docs about creating orders:

  1. receive commission

Once the account id and referral code is set up, you will be receiving commission in the account provided on a daily basis around 0UTC.

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