How to migrate from staking v1 to v2

There are two ways to migrate:

Auto migration

  1. Go to the Stake 1.0 page and click "migrate"

  1. A window will then pop up showing a series of steps

  1. Sign each transaction prompted in your wallet, and when you complete signing all the transactions go to Stake 2.0 to check your stats

  2. If the process is interrupted in the middle, you will need to manually migrate by following the steps below

Manual migration

  1. Go to the Stake 1.0 page and use the "unstake" button to unstake your WOO

  2. Use the "withdraw" button to withdraw the WOO into your wallet (note: the 7-day unstaking period and penalty fee have been waived so you can withdraw immediately after you unstake)

  1. Go to the Stake 2.0 page and use the "approve" button to approve the smart contract to spend your WOO

  2. Click "stake" to stake your WOO tokens and the balance displayed at the top will update in a few minutes.

Supercharger Rewards

Because xWOO was the LP token for v1 staking, Supercharger vaults rewards will be replaced with WOO tokens.

Anyone who has assets in a WOOFi Supercharger vault needs to claim any xWOO rewards they have left before they can start earning WOO rewards. Please make sure to do this at your earliest convenience. You can see a blue "W" icon if you still have xWOO yet to be claimed.

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