What is WOO

WOO is the ecosystem that focuses on building products that democratize the access to financial products and providing the best user experiences at the same time, no matter in CeFi or DeFi.

WOO is also the name of the token that sits at the center of the ecosystem and deeply embedded within its two flagship products:

  • WOOFi is an omnichain decentralized finance platform featuring swaps, perpetual futures trading, earn, and staking. It aims to make DeFi easy for the masses.

  • WOO X is a centralized exchange providing best-in-class liquidity and price execution, with a powerful frontend featuring fully customizable modules for workspace customization.

WOO token address

Ethereum token contract address: 0x4691937a7508860f876c9c0a2a617e7d9e945d4b

WOO is a utility token originally issued on Ethereum, which has been permissionlessly bridged onto multiple blockchains. WOOFi and WOO X can be used to freely bridge WOO across various blockchains to improve the user experience.

  • ONLY the WOO token on Ethereum is the canonical token contract which is immutable

  • WOO on other chains are permissionlessly wrapped via the official bridges or cross chain protocols which may rely on certain trust elements at various extents

  • WOO on other chains are IOUs or wrapped tokens backed by the same amount locked in the corresponding Ethereum smart contracts

  • Holding WOO on chains other than Ethereum expose you to the bridge risks, which means there is still risk you are not able to redeem the underlying WOO on Ethereum

WOO Addresses on non-Ethereum chains

WOO token supply

WOO had a cap set at 3 billion tokens at the time of the deployment on Oct 16 2020. After previous burns, the total supply has been reduced by almost 25% to 2.2 billion. Check the latest circulating and the total supply of WOO at Coingecko.

WOO is a highly liquid token with fully transparent and fair distribution and a high circulating supply-to-FDV ratio.

Major non-circulating supply addresses

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