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Why should I hold WOO

WOO is a utility token deeply embedded within its CeFi and DeFi products, offering various fee discounts, yield, referral bonuses, and other product-specific benefits.

1. Earn real yields from one of the fastest growing DeFi platforms

WOO tokens can be staked on WOOFi to earn yields from the fees of protocol revenue. 80% of WOOFi's net revenue from swap and perps trading is streamed to stakers every second, paid in cold, hard USDC.
The longer you stake and more active you use WOOFi, the more rewards you earn.

2. Enjoy privileges in a top Cex built for traders with full transparency

Trading benefits

WOO can be staked to unlock the Zero Fee Zone, fee discounts on perps and API trading, referral bonuses, free withdrawals, and other benefits on WOO X.
Trading institutions generating large volumes on WOO X can stake WOO tokens based on their volume and trading requirements to receive increased API trading rate limits and fee reductions.

Staking yield and benefits in future products

Stakers on WOO X currently receive base yields as well as benefits in future product releases, such as:
  • increased allocation to exciting new launchpad projects - more details to come
  • access to social trading features on WOO X to emulate highly professional trading strategies from top-performing traders
  • access to institutional-grade earn products

3. Be a DeFi chad by holding the productive asset

As one of the most liquid tokens in both CeFi and DeFi, WOO is integrated into many DeFi protocols where the token holders benefit by supplying their precious WOO tokens to earn yields, borrow and lend or provide liquidity.
A few highlights from partner protocols:
Please explore the applications with caution, since the integration with WOO token is permissionless users assume their own risk when using third-party applications.
We are not responsible for your access to these platforms and shall have no liability whatsoever in connection with your use of such third-party protocols.
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