DeFi products powered by WOO Network to provide the best trade execution and yields
DeFi is short for “Decentralized Finance”, an umbrella term for a variety of financial applications geared toward disrupting traditional financial intermediaries. As the DeFi sector matures, we expect it to gradually catch up to centralized exchanges, or CeFi, in terms of trading volume and value locked.
WOO Network aims to continue to expand its liquidity network to DeFi and helps DeFi users get the best pricing, tightest bid-ask spreads, and yielding opportunities when trading. Hence, we provide DeFi related products and offerings under the brand "WOOFi".
WOO Network helps decentralized exchanges by bringing liquidity on-chain, using a combination of liquidity pools, on-chain price quoting and hedging strategies. In turn, this approach allows WOO Network to internalize DeFi order flow.
The first WOOFi initiative was on-chain private liquidity pools where we experimented on-chain liquidity provision and price quoting. It's proven that with the professional market making strategies we are able to improve the efficiency and cost of DeFi trading. We have been exploring integrating with more on-chain trading strategies on the venues such as Uniswap V3, dYdX and 0X.
Due to the success in the on-chain liquidity provision, we decided to productize our offerings. The first product is WOOFi Swap, and we look to launch more products to provider users and projects with the cheapest liquidity and sustainable yield opportunities.
Last modified 7d ago
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