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WOOFi Dex is an extension of WOOFi that caters specifically to professional traders - connecting them with an orderbook, customizable workspaces, and advanced trading tools. The LOB model ("Limit Order Book") underpinning it allows WOOFi Dex to closely replicate the experience of a CEX - without requiring traders to leave their assets in the custody of a centralized party.
Built on NEAR, WOOFi Dex combines WOO Network's deep liquidity with Orderly Network's permissionless, decentralized exchange protocol and modular ecosystem.
WOOFi Dex currently supports spot trading for NEAR/USDC, WBTC/USDC, ETH/USDC, WOO/USDC, SWEAT/USDC, REF/USDC and AURORA/USDC. More markets for spot and eventually perps will be added to WOOFi Dex as they become supported on Orderly.

Getting started

1. Choose your wallet

Since WOOFi Dex is built on NEAR, you'll need a NEAR-compatible wallet to start trading. Visit the NEAR website, choose a wallet, create an account, and fund it with some NEAR to pay gas gees.

2. Transfer assets to your account

Use the Rainbow Bridge to transfer assets from Ethereum or Aurora to your NEAR account. Other bridges such as Multichain also allow you to bridge assets to NEAR. Alternatively, you can use a centralized exchange such as WOO X to withdraw NEAR directly to your account.

3. Register on WOOFi Dex

Head over to WOOFi Dex and connect your wallet in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once done, you'll need to deposit a small amount of NEAR to start using the app.

4. Deposit assets

Navigate to the 'Wallet' tab, click 'Deposit', and enter the amount of the token you'd like to deposit.
Once you initiate the deposit, the wallet will prompt you to sign an on-chain transaction to transfer the assets to Orderly's smart contract. Your deposit and withdrawal history is also displayed on this page.

5. Start trading

Head to the 'Trading' tab and set up your workspace with the same fully-customizable GUI that you'll find on our centralized exchange, WOO X.
If you'd like to use an API, go to the 'Account' tab and find your API keys. More info here.

6. Other helpful tabs


Get a quick overview of your statistics including fee tier, trading volume, and fees paid. You can also find your API keys here.


Find all the available markets alongside the 24-hour trading volume of WOOFi Dex.


Learn more about Orderly Network and the tiers of trading fees. Please note that the trading volume required for each fee tier is cumulative, and can be achieved with or without an API.
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