How to navigate and vote on WIPs

Where can I find the WIPs and vote on them?

WIPs are announced and posted in the #wip-announcements channel including the contents of the WIP and the Pollmaster voting event.
You should read the WIP contents carefully before casting the vote. Pollmaster voting is anonymous, any member with a "voter" role can vote by clicking one of the reactions underneath it. Once you vote, Pollmaster will send you a DM to confirm your vote has been recorded. Only the first vote will be counted.

WIP Template

At minimum, the WIP should include the following sections to help voters make an informed decision.


[A high-level summary of the WIP]


[Any background information to provide more context or info about the counterparty e.g. a project or a protocol]


[What exactly happens if the WIP passes. This part should be detailed enough that it is executable and verifiable.]


[How does the WIP benefit WOO Network ecosystem and align with WOO DAO's guiding principles and values stated in the Manifesto.]

Considerations / Risks

[What are the potential risks (if any) associated with the action suggested in the WIP? or any other considerations the DAO members should be aware of.]

Voting rules

[Voting period, quorum, criteria for the WIP to pass. By default, a WIP lasts for 72 hours, and it requires a quorum of 10% of the eligible voters and at least 55% of the votes in favor to pass. Exceptions can be made subjet to the judgment of the DAO operation team.]
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Where can I find the WIPs and vote on them?
WIP Template