Proposals & Voting

In Phase One of WOO DAO, we will utilize WOO Network's official Discord server for discussion, proposals and voting. This will allow on-chain WOO token holders, WOOFi stakers and WOO X stakers to participate in the decision-making of WOO DAO initiatives.

Governance Power

Users receive governance power by getting the "voter" role in the WOO Network Discord server. There are three ways to obtain the role:
  • Stake 1,800 WOO or more on WOO X and fill in your Discord ID in the "Account Info"
  • Holding 1,800 WOO or more on Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche or Polygon
  • Staking 1,800 WOO or more in WOOFi Stake and holding the xWOO on BSC or Avalanche
Please follow How to get a voter role to be eligible for voting in the discord.

Governance Proposals

The lifecycle of a proposal is illustrated in the diagram below.

1. Initial Discussion

Any community member or project can raise ideas in any open form in the #dao-general-chat channel for the community to comment on. It's the stage to gauge initial interests and support from the DAO members.

2. WOO Request for Comments (WRC) Assessment

When an idea is fleshed out, a proposal should be created a posted for more detailed discussion and assessment. Contributors of relevant working groups will engage to facilitate the discussion.

Initiating a proposal

When initiating a proposal, a member should create a post in the #request-for-comments channel in the discord. When creating the proposal please follow the instructions in How to create and join WRCs, it is recommended to follow the predefined WRC Templatesto cover as much information as possible for the DAO member and working groups to assess.

Commenting / discussion period

Once a proposal is posted in #request-for-comments channel, important questions and comments in the thread should be replied to and taken into consideration, to further improve the proposal. And relevant DAO working groups will be actively involved in this stage to provide inputs to help other DAO members to better understand the proposal and have informed discussion. DAO working groups will also perform more assessments on the risks and feasibility of the proposal, whether it aligns with the missions stated in the DAO manifesto as well as the rough consensus among the DAO members.
In this phase, the decision of whether and when a WRC can be moved to WIP is delegated to the DAO working groups to ensure the efficiency of the process.

3. WOO Improvement Proposal (WIP) Voting

If the DAO working groups decide to move a WRC to the next stage, a working group facilitator needs to submit a WOO Improvement Proposal (WIP) following WIP Template to the DAO operation team. A WIP should be comprehensive and precise enough so it's executable and the result is verifiable.

Announcing the WIP Voting

The DAO operation team announces a WIP in the #wip-announcements channel which includes the contents of the WIP and a Pollmaster voting event. Any discord member can see the WIP voting, but only votes from members with a "voter" role will be counted. The Pollmaster voting is anonymous which means the result is not visible until the voting ends. A WIP voting typically lasts for 72 hours, and it requires a quorum of 10% of the eligible voters and at least 55% of the votes in favor to pass.
There might be exceptions for some WIP due to its nature and urgency, and those will be communicated by the DAO operation team in the WIP voting announcement.

Announcing the voting result

Once the WIP voting ends, the DAO operation team will get the result from Pollmaster and announce it in the #wip-announcements channel.
We highly recommend turning on the notification for the #wip-announcements channel so you do not miss a WIP.

4. Execution & Updates

If the WIP passes, the working group facilitators will work with the WOO Network team to execute the action stated in the WIP and provide periodical updates to the DAO members.