Contributor incentive program
The goal of the program is to reward the contribution to the development of WOO DAO and grow the number of active contributors in the DAO for various working groups. The program should be reviewed by core contributors and working group leads every 6 months.
Incentives consist of three main types - Grants, Ongoing Compensation and Bounties


Grants are provided to individual one-off projects/initiatives that benefit WOO DAO, WOO Network, or the public good. The application and approval of grants (including scope, milestones, grants size and payment method) follow the same WOO DAO governance process, and they can be initiated as a WRC by any DAO member and project team. Grants can be provided to an individual or a team and should be paid in tranches upon the accomplishment of each milestone.
Payment of the grants should be in the form of FNFT with a vesting period, with exceptions made as deemed necessary by the operation working group.

Ongoing Compensation

Contributors are the most important assets of WOO DAO. In order to incentivize proactive and long-term contributions and attract more contributors, WOO DAO will provide ongoing compensations to its core contributors and contributors of successful WIPs.

Core contributor rewards

Core contributors are the ones that have shown a strong commitment to WOO DAO and demonstrated a track record of actively participating in WOO DAO community calls, working group meetings, and helping push forward various WIPs.
Each core contributor will be compensated with $690 worth of xWOO per month, paid at the beginning of each month using the prior day’s close price of WOO on WOO X. The first batch of Core Contributors will be picked by the WOO Network team based on the contribution since WOO DAO’s inception.
All core contributors will have a dedicated role “DAO CC” in the discord for everyone to see their status. And each core contributor will get a WOO DAO email address. WOO Network team members who actively contribute to WOO DAO will also get the role, but they are not eligible for the rewards.
The onboarding and offboarding of core contributors will be decided by all core contributors, and it should receive support from the majority of the core contributors. If a core contributor is deemed as not performing, he/she will be put on probation for two weeks. A reassessment will be conducted by the operation working group and decided by the core contributors as to whether the core contributor status should be removed. Under certain circumstances such as unethical behavior, core contributors have the right to remove the status immediately without a probation period.

WIP success rewards

For each successfully passed WIP, the contributor(s) involved in driving the initiative will be rewarded. When being submitted for voting, the WIP should stipulate the name of the contributors. A contributor is someone who demonstrates leadership in driving the initiative throughout its lifecycle. These activities include but are not limited to:
  • sourcing partners and conducting intro calls
  • preparing and presenting materials
  • arranging and driving partnership discussions
  • negotiating partnership deals
  • facilitating discussions in the DAO
  • compiling WRC and WIP
Each contributor (except for WOO Network team members) of a WIP is by default rewarded for $420 worth of xWOO (which can be increased up to $1500 for WIP with high impact). Contributor nominations and rewards are determined by the working group leads.


In addition to the above two incentives, any working group can put up a bounty for some tasks they want help with such as organizing a small offline gathering, creating content, or driving growth initiatives. It can also be used to reimburse some small expenses. In principle, the size of a bounty should be no more than $500 unless it’s pre-approved.
This type of bounty is at the working groups’ discretion on how to use it. Each working group can publish its bounties in the dedicated bounty channel for anyone to apply and disclosure purposes.

The growth working group quarterly budget for bounties

While the growth working group previously had a budget approved in WIP4, an updated budget of a total $32K worth of WOO has been approved based on the latest developments.
  • WOO Force Community bounties ($7,200 per quarter): 12 communities, 600$ per community for running social media, telegram, and translating articles
  • WOO Force referral bounty: WOO Force members enjoy higher referral incentives that reward volume, KYC'd users, and users who stake on their referral links
  • WOO Force event bounty ($10,000 per quarter): allocated to holding offline and online events, AMA bounties, etc
Other working groups currently do not have specific tasks defined for the bounties, as most of them are covered in the ongoing compensation. To keep the flexibility and help the working groups move faster, $10K worth of WOO will be authorized for each working group per quarter to provide bounties on tasks they may need help with.
Bounties should be paid after the tasks are completed from the WOO DAO ops wallet. Unused funds will be kept in that wallet for future use.
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