A centralized exchange that competes on low fees, deep liquidity, and real-time transparency


WOO X is the flagship CeFi product built on WOO Network.
WOO X features a Zero Fee Zone for major spot pairs, 100+ perp markets, and fully customizable workspaces. It has a live transparency dashboard, showing real-time proof of reserves and liabilities, so that users can understand where funds are custodied.
WOO X also features an execution quality analytics dashboard that lets users compare their cost of trading on any of the major centralized venues, including Binance, OKX, and Coinbase. The dashboard calculates the cost of fees and slippage by letting users input the size of their trades on specific trading pairs.

Fully customizable workspaces

Unlike other trading platforms, WOO X lets you decide what your trading dashboard looks like, offering tools and widget options that can be moved freely, resized, deleted, or duplicated.
In multi-asset workspace, users have total freedom to set up their trading interface
For users that don't want the hassle of customization, single asset workspace mode is available with a standard, fixed layout. This is set by default when new users sign up, but we encourage more advanced users to explore more technical features.
Single asset workspace offers the fixed look and feel of other exchanges.

Getting more by staking WOO tokens

Staking WOO is a great way to reduce fees even further. Stakers can even enjoy other perks including free withdrawals daily (all networks), increased yield on earn products (coming soon), and increased referral rebates.
Fee and staking tiers for manual traders
Fee and staking tiers for API traders

Listing on WOO X

There is no listing fee for WOO X. Primary considerations for token listings are sustainable volume and liquidity. To apply, please submit this form.
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