Zero-fee trading platform providing traders with the best-in-class liquidity and execution


WOO X is the flagship CeFi product built on WOO Network. WOO X is powered by the industry's leading market makers, global pools of liquidity, and quantitative trading strategies.
WOO X features first-to-market zero-fee trading, deep liquidity, and fully customizable workspaces to provide the ultimate trading experience for professional and institutional traders.

Zero-Fee Trading

Manual non-API traders can reduce their maker and taker fees down to zero once they reach Tier 1 with 1,800 WOO tokens staked on WOO X. Stakers on WOO X can even enjoy free withdrawals daily (all networks) and increased referral rebates.

Deep liquidity

One of the biggest differentiators on WOO X is its deep liquidity across trading pairs. A comparison of the liquidity scores of major trading pairs on https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/wootrade/ would reveal that WOO X's market depth on the bid/ask books exceeds that of top exchanges. This deep liquidity allows large orders to be executed without heavy price slippage. Coupled with zero-fee trading, the cost-savings via low slippage and fees is ideal for any professional trader trading large amounts frequently. This allows for users to experience democratized liquidity that would otherwise only be accessible via over-the-counter trading.
Aside from organic liquidity generated from order flow on WOO X, the deep liquidity on WOO X is sourced from WOO Network's internal liquidity pool: a combination of global liquidity aggregated from exchanges, top market makers, and trading institutions partnered in WOO Network.
The cornerstone liquidity provider in WOO Network is Kronos Research, a top quantitative trading and market-making firm trading $5-10B in daily trading volume across various global exchanges. The initial role of Kronos Research is to bootstrap liquidity on WOO X. This will provide immediate deep liquidity across a variety of token pairs to help the platform attract traders and attain a critical mass of users that would incentivize other market makers to further improve the liquidity.
Over time, the objective is to make the old saying materialize: liquidity begets liquidity. This maturation will allow for a virtuous cycle of liquidity deepening on WOO X.

Fully customizable workspaces

WOO X strives to be the ultimate platform for traders of various profiles and experience: retail, professional, and institutional. The first feature that stands out when you open WOO X is the customizable GUI. It's complete with a diverse set of drag-drop and resizable trading data widgets, multi-charts integrated order entry modules, and workspace tabs.
Unlike other trading terminals, WOO X lets you decide what your trading dashboard looks like, offering tools and widget options that can be moved freely, deleted, or duplicated. By default, you can find 3 templates - standard, advanced, and customized.
A sample of the basic trading interface customized on WOO X, which may be familiar to retail traders
A sample of the advanced trading interface on WOO X, which may feel more familiar with institutional traders

Listing on WOO X

There is no listing fee for WOO X. Primary considerations for token listings are sustainable volume and liquidity, followed by a few prerequisites. First, the token should be on several major exchanges to ensure ample underlying liquidity for WOO Network to aggregate. Secondly, having several liquid futures markets is also important to support hedging exposure and reducing risk. Third, demand from institutional clients, users, and partner exchanges, since these stakeholders will be trading the token on the WOO X platform.
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