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    Wooracle.sol is an oracle contract managed and developed by WOO Network team. It uploads the latest trading price, middle price and market spread information from Wootrade to the oracle contract.
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    WooPP.sol is the basic contract that handles the logic operation of the DEX, including setting the token info, calculating slippage, calculating the exchange amount and so on. This contract stores all tokens that are supported by trading on the WOOFi Swap. In this contract it defines quote token and base token. Quote token is the reference token in the contract and there is only one quote token. The contract can have multiple base tokens and they can be added by the strategist.
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    WooRouter.sol is the router contract. Users will only need to approve this contract to spend their ERC20 tokens. Similar to Uniswap, approval is required to interact with any trading pair on this contract. Router contract will interact with the lower layer WooPP.sol to execute the sell logic and send back users the desired amount of tokens.
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    External DEX is referring to the venue that the router contract interacts to complete users' trades when the market data feed in WOOFi Swap is unavailable.
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    WooGaurdian.sol is the smart contract that is used to perform final checkup on the trade execution. The smart contract does not process funds. It provides the tolerance threshold of prices by comparing multiple oracles. For the swap amounts and quoted prices, the functions (i.e., checkSwapAmount() and checkSwapPrice()) in this smart contract are used to check if the swapping amounts and prices are within the thresholds or not.

Smart Contract Addresses

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