WOOFi’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


The Polygon Adventurer

Master the art of cross-chain swaps by visiting http://fi.woo.org and swapping any asset from one chain to $WOO on Polygon. Once you have your $WOO, stake any amount on WOOFi on Polygon. Claim here https://galxe.com/woonetwork/campaign/GCHEvUtGut

The BSC Supercharger

Supercharge your single-sided yield with no impermanent loss by heading over to http://fi.woo.org/earn, connecting to@BNBCHAIN, and depositing 0.1 $BNB or more into WOOFi’s Supercharger vault. Claim here https://galxe.com/woonetwork/campaign/GCZj6UtLeo

The Avalanche Trader

Take your trading to the next level by achieving $50 total trading volume via http://fi.woo.org or through any partnered DEX aggregator provided the trade is processed by WOOFi’s sPMM liquidity. Claim here https://galxe.com/woonetwork/campaign/GCNBXUtGEd

The Fantom Reaper

Reap the most competitive APY for your $WOO on Fantom by depositing *20* or more WOO-FTM LP tokens into SpookySwap’s FTM-WOO vault. Claim here https://galxe.com/woonetwork/campaign/GCUhjUttno
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