Cross-chain swap

A guide to moving tokens cross-chain with WOOFi
Swapping cross-chain with WOOFi is a breeze. Here's how to do it.
Select your source chain (red) and your destination chain (blue). Then pick your input token and your output token from the drop-down menus (orange).
selecting the tokens and chains
Now enter the number of tokens you want to swap cross-chain in the input field (green). This will enable you to see the paths that WOOFi will use to move token A on chain X to token B on chain Y (white).
entering the amount of tokens you want to move
If you want to send tokens cross-chain to a different wallet, click the plus icon below the swap button and paste the destination address. Double-check to make sure it's correct, and click confirm.
send tokens to a different recepient address
When you're ready, hit the swap button. If you don't have any gas money on the destination chain, click the tick icon (white) and WOOFi will make sure you arrive already fuelled up. Use this window to review key info about your swap including the gas fee, trading fee, and more.
arrive already fuelled up
Confirm the swap, sign the transaction in your wallet, and WOOFi will give you an estimated time until your transaction completes. You'll also be able to see in real-time the progress of your swap from start to finish.
monitor the progress of your swap
Once the transaction is complete, WOOFi will notify you, and your output token will automatically appear in your wallet on the new destination chain.
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