WOO DAO Treasury

WOO DAO treasury addresses

300 million WOO tokens (i.e. 10% of the total supply) are allocated to WOO DAO, the assets are stored in woodao.eth which is a gnosis multi-sig wallet. In the initial stage, the multi-sig wallet is governed by an internal, 7-person governance council. The council is made up of long-standing team members within WOO Network, recognized for their prudence, engagement, and ethical behavior.
NEAR: woodao.near​

WOO DAO operation wallets

WOO DAO ops wallet is set up to facilitate more flexible payments for contributor compensations and bounties. It is managed by a 3 out 5 gnosis safe and using Utopia to process payments.
For accounting purposes, the WOO tokens in the treasury will now be included in the circulating supply, but can not be accessed or transferred without:
1) The majority of on-chain signatures by key holders of the DAO treasury wallet; and
2) An approved proposal from WOO token holders.