How to create and join WRCs

How can I create a new WRC thread or find the active threads?

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    To create a new WRC thread: go to the #wrc-threads channel and click "#" button on the top menu bar and then click "Create" in the dropdown menu.
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    To find the active threads: go to the #wrc-threads channel and click "#" button and then you will see all the active and archived threads.
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    When in one of threads, you can click "Join" on the upper right corner to keep it on the sidebar underneath #wrc-threads, so that it's easier to locate it and see if there is any updates.
Only a member with a "voter" role can create a WRC thread, and any discord member can message in the thread.

WRC Template

At a minimum, the WRC should include:
  • The name of the WRC thread should start with [WRC], e.g.[WRC] A grant to create WOO Network avatar NFT collection
  • TL:DR: A short and concise description of the proposal.
  • The rationale for the WRC, e.g. Why? What are the benefits for WOO DAO? How does it align with WOO DAO's missions?
  • Action items: Any ask to the WOO DAO or actions required for the WOO DAO or WOO Network team
  • Discord polls can be added to the thread so the DAO members can signal their support and preferences for a WRC
If a voter creates a WRC on behalf of the proposer, please clarify who the real proposer is and your relationship with the proposer.