Business development initiatives
The business development working group is tasked to facilitate collaborations with existing partner projects and target to establish collaborations with other projects with the objectives as follows:
  1. 1.
    Token - add WOO or xWOO on decentralized exchanges, lending & borrowing platforms, or other DeFi protocols that can enhance the utility of the token, provide better access to the token and make the token to be a productive asset
  2. 2.
    Product - integrate WOOFi or WOO X with other applications that can bring volume, visibility and users, such as DEX aggregators
  3. 3.
    Governance - enhance WOO DAO's influence in relevant projects' governance systems that can benefit the growth of WOO Network ecosystem, via accumulating governance tokens or through delegation
The following board summarizes projects that WOO DAO should actively involve and facilitate collaborations as well as projects we should target and establish collaborations with. Projects are categorized according to various stages i.e. working relations, targets and under assessment.
You can easily find the project info, account drivers from WOO DAO, and tasks and things (i.e. "TO DOs" column) you can help with. So how do you contribute?
  • volunteer to be the driver/owner of a project or a TO-DO
  • reach out to the driver/owner and contribute
  • follow the action called in the TO-DOs
D2D relation initiative board
For new projects, the business development working group will assess against the key objectives and decide on whether to put it on the target list. Potential target projects can be submitted using the following form and they will automatically show up in the "under assessment" section.
WOO DAO D2D relations | forms
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