Spot trading

The way spot order PnL is tracked on WOO X differs from what you have likely experienced on other exchanges. Instead of only displaying your tokens in a wallet, spot orders also have their PnL tracked live in the ‘Portfolio’ widget on your dashboard, similarly to how a leveraged order would traditionally be tracked. This allows you to observe real-time gains or losses and close positions more efficiently, however, don’t fret - there is still no liquidation price on 1x spot trading.
WOO X has a spot trading fee structure based on the number of WOO tokens you stake. Without staking WOO tokens, WOO X offers highly competitive fees, however, 1,800 tokens staked bring any non-API user to zero-fee for both maker and taker orders. Not all users elect to stake for zero fees. Some are content to pay the low fees on WOO X.

How does zero-fee trading work?

WOO X adopts a Payment for Order Flow (PFOF) model, which is frequently used by traditional brokers such as Robinhood and WeBull. In this model, the brokers get compensated by market makers for directing their order flow. Although WOO X acts as a broker in the PFOF model, the model has been significantly adapted to provide greater transparency regarding pricing, order execution, and data privacy.
Traditional zero-fee platforms do not provide an order book upon which orders are executed. This may lead to concerns of front-running practices and poor trading execution. WOO X differentiates itself by providing a transparent order book along with market prices and spreads competitively in line with global markets.
At the end of the day, users trading on WOO X would still experience the same, if not better, order execution relative to other top exchanges and enjoy the benefits of zero-fee trading.
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